Closet full of clothes and 

   NOTHING to wear? 

 Guilty of buying this,   

 purchasing that? 

You have spent your entire life being taught and pressured into  owning more,  not less.

Yet, look into your closet and you’ll find that you only wear roughly 

   20% of what’s in 

 your closet regularly  

- throwing out an avg. 82 pounds of clothes per year.

 That’s $1 billion in wearable product that 

 goes into a landfill each year... 

 making the fast fashion retail industry 

the 2nd largest polluter in the world

(oil is the first). 


 what you  wear  matters. 

At  RELOVE, we believe that great style should not come at a social and environmental cost.

This is where you can  LEND  items you've only worn once, costed you a fortune but can now make a passive income from.

Think about it as airbnb-ing your closet,

where you profit from being a socially-conscious fashionista.

This where you can  RENT  

items for a fraction of their original retail cost from a community of women

sharing their fabulous style.


With an unlimited closet, you can more freely express yourself and gain a return on your own fashion investments - all while reducing your ecological footprint and making socially conscious fashion purchases.

Inspired by the roots of Rent the Runway, I tore down my closet and transformed it in a office space to bring this venture to life.


So the only question left is...

 are you ready to RELOVE? 

Categories: Fashion, Sustainability

Founded: 2017

HQ: Toronto, Canada