Based off my work with Empower, I developed strong relationships with organizations and people in refugee camps. Thus, beyond the need of internet connectivity, I wanted to “make a splash” and address the immediate need of clean drinking water supported by the United Nations Sustainable Goal #6 of Clean Water and Sanitation.

Many charities have done incredible work

to bring water to the camps,

 but more needs to be done.

844 million

people are still without drinking water.

Diseases in dirty water

are linked in causing more deaths every year than all forms of violence - including war.

5,000 children die everyday

from diarrhoeal diseases caused by unsafe water & poor sanitation.


 clean water is a true economic builder in health, education and agriculture. 

The World Health Organization has shown that fixing the world water crisis is incredibly valuable: for every $1 invested in water and sanitation,

 there is an economic return  

of between $3 and $34! 

So, why hasn't  more  

been done?

There has, but not enough to tackle this MASSIVE challenge.

This is where ClearWater drops in.

 ClearWater is a impact-investing boutique made to serve Ugandan  refugee communities with clean drinking water by selling products to  North American markets.

I know, you may think it’s been done a million times before. However, what’s different and unique with ClearWater is that it is  built on the foundation of an impact-investing boutique. Thus, we make very clear on how consumer purchases directly act as a drop in the bucket of clean drinking water.

Categories: Water, Sanitation, E-Commerce

Founded: 2018

HQ: Toronto, Canada